How Much Do People Spending on Gambling Every Year?

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When casino gambling comes to mind, you most probably think about glitzy images of Las Vegas glamour. Even though the United States have quite a number of venues that are on top of the lists of tourist gamblers, they are far from being the first country on the countries-that-gamble-the-most list.

This classification was made by H2 Gambling Capital that ranked all countries by doing simple math. They have taken into account the following: the total annual gambling losses divided by the adult population of respective countries. The number of losses includes the entire amount that was lost on the most popular games available in that country, such as poker, slot machines, horse racing, etc. So let’s jump straight to their ranking list.

Australia: The Champion

As of 2016, Australia had the biggest spend and the highest loss per person on gambling.  Australia doesn’t seem as a nation where gambling is so prevalent and dominant, but still, the numbers beg to differ. However, the most interesting part is that the majority of gambling does not take place in land-based casinos. Aussies are big fans of slot machines, or how they prefer to call them — pokies. By walking into a restaurant or an average bar, you will be able to find at least one pokie at the center of the property. Moreover, according to some studies from 2016, the average loss per person in Australia was $1,128 per year. These results pushed them to the top of the lists.

Now, total gambling expenditure refers to the total amount spent by gamblers annually, and when it comes to Australia, this number comes close to $23 billion. With the most recent studies, the total number of pokies within this country was measured to be around 196,000, proving that the most loyal slot fans come from Australia.

Singapore: The Runner-Up


Ever since 2010 when Singapore opened its first casino venue, the number of gamblers in this country has been rapidly growing. After the first grand opening, the whole nation was terrified of the possible consequences gambling could bring, such as gambling addiction and financial loses. Ever since, the government has been trying to discourage gambling among the locals by imposing an entry fee of $81 at the entrance of each casino. When this didn’t help, the government decided to introduce “Family Exclusion Orders” that allowed family members to ban their relatives from entering the casino. However, none of these measures could accomplish their initial idea — to crush the nation’s gambling spirit. In just nine years, Singapore managed to get to the second place of this list, with the total losses of $1000 per adult and total gambling expenditure of $1.1 billion, proving that the government is far from their initial goals.


Canada gambling

According to the most recent findings of Fantini Gaming Research, the gambling industry in Canada grew by incredible 4,9% during 2018 only. Interestingly enough, the province of Ontario made a huge contribution to that number, with its 12% increase in revenues the same year.

The modernization process contributed to those growing numbers since it included a complete renovation of all gaming venues across the country. That surely attracted Canadian adults, since over 75% of them are involved in at least one form of gambling, with the highest number of gamblers coming from Saskatchewan. In this province, the average gambling loss per year goes up to $841, which is rather high.

Furthermore, the lottery games are especially popular here, and that popularity has forced the Canadian government to discipline any minors using lottery tickets. They even went as far as punishing with financial penalties anyone who is proven to be buying them for minors as a gift.

As of 2018, Canada has $568 in annual losses per adult.


The whole gambling market in this country is entirely unregulated since they follow the old Gambling and Lottery act that dates way back to 1956. However, Irish people have always been known for their predisposition towards gambling, even more than the rest of the UK. In this country, the most popular activities include horse and greyhound races and classic table games. However, slot machines have also become popular in the last couple of years, but they still don’t have a solid fan base.

In addition, the Irish community and the UK Gambling Commission consider their gambling habit a bit worrying, and they are trying their best to introduce new programs that will help prevent problem gambling, such as Game Care and GameStop.

Although the Irish community is showing concern in regards to their gambling habits, our numbers show a huge drop when compared to previous spots on this list. The average loss per adult in Ireland stands at $590, half of what’s in Australia.


It’s no secret that billions of dollars are spent on gambling all around the world every year. In fact, that number is around $100 billion. Occasional bets on horse racing, sports betting, or a couple of extra spins on a favorite slot machine are clearly a part of everyday routine for people in all corners of the world.

But the question still remains — how much is too much? Well, there is no universal answer since the amount of time someone can safely spend on gambling varies from person to person.  However, if your gambling starts causing problems for you or your loved ones, be super careful — it can end badly.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, gambling became more accessible, and the governments were left with only one option — legalize gambling and collect taxes since there is no point in trying to fight a battle that cannot be won.

Finally, all that is left to do is to hope that every person will know they should only gamble recreationally, and know better than to become problem gamblers.

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