Top 5 SEO Tools in 2018

How the Keyword Works Best For Your Website Ranking?

Creating a website today might work well in our favor. But our common goal behind is just to retain our website on the top ranking on the SERP page which is not a piece of cake.

As everyone is putting their best endeavor to stay competitive to engage more visitors for landing on their website and online store by providing them the best quality contents.

Whereas SEO is an organic and non-paid search engine optimization ultimately making the competition very stiff on many grounds in keeping your website at the highest visibility.No matter even if the content is the king.


But trust me guys, SEO is more than just the traffic to stay on the top rank on most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

So keyword is such crucial component that defines all about contents of your website. They are also known as search queries and relevant phrases which search on search engines.

Top 5 SEO Tools in 2018

Here are Top 5 SEO Tools in 2018 explained in brief below, which may help you with your better website ranking-

Top 5 SEO Tools in 2018

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Its an official product by Google.It basically helps in finding the most relevant target keywords for your niche.It is also very useful and free tool for analyzing how it may perform your future traffic. However you may find it troubleshooting at times, then you can go with other alternatives. It also divides the search into categories like broad search, exact search, and phrase search. Whereas Exact search is good for personal blog. While the broad search is so great for where the search is not limited to keyword’s target and type. Finally, Phrase search is very much traffic driven.


MozToolbar is one of the best tools to improve ranking and increase the best visibility to your website and online store. This it gives complete insights on your website. It deals with revealing best-performing topics, blogs and its types, research keywords.Though it is only 30 days free trial, if you need to upgrade then it is $99/ month.

Google Search Console-Itis one of the best and so easy and free to use the tool and identifies errors, test contents and performances, and rate keywords. It also helps in dealing with your website security issues and alerts you.


BuzzSumo is the though the most tool to curb viral topics, it quickly identifies what works well in the industry. It is highly relevant from content and SEO point of views, whereas both go hand in hand. It is very must for content marketing and SEO campaign and is paid service. It can easily attract potential customers thus very effective in improving your business. It costs from free to $ 99/month.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Once entering the URL you can check the speed and usability of your website. It tells you how responsive it is if operated from desktop and mobile. How much loading time your web page takes to open. Whereas it comes in the form of user experience score.

Last but not least I would like to tell Keyword’s ultimate importance in SEO tools which eventually ends up in attracting more potential customers to your website.

Let’s say if you want to search pizza on a search engine which will show all pizza-related contents.but still, your search goal is not clearly defined with appropriate target keyword and will finally leave you perplexed in a relevant search.Instead, if you right “Delicious Pizza” which is exactly defined target keyword and it will only search the contents related not any other but Pizza outlets who deals with only delicious pizza serving. Thus visitors would also save time using the relevant keyword search, to get the best solution.

So, do you guys agree or not? How these keywords are one of the most crucial components in determining your website ranking with the help of these Top SEO tools.


This blog is simply explain about Top 5 SEO Tools in 2018. We feel this is helpful for you, if need more details comment below and get more details.

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