Tips To Earn From Google AdSense in 2018

Tips To Earn From Google AdSense in 2018

You Really Need To Put Your Best Endeavour In Order To Attract Google AdSense Giant To Monetise From It On Your Website And Blog

Today online money generation has become one of the most popular and convenient tasks for every Tom Dick and Harry. In such scenario, how can we forget our top trendsetter Google AdSense.


What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

It is nothing but one of the most lucrative way to earn money through placing Google ads on your websites and blogs. This is the way how blogger and website holder share their revenue with the help publishing top-notch ads like Google AdSense.

There is no substitute for hard work

Though, I too have a wish to share space with Google AdSense one day and why not! But nothing is served on your hard plate until you strive hard for it.

Long-Term Revenue Generation

And what is the most important thing to remember that Google AdSense is not a get rich quick scheme. So if u are in haste, then it is never meant for you. But if you want to earn handsome money in the long run other than affiliate ads on websites and blogs then you have to work on its every little ins and out.

Revenue Sharing Mechanism with Google AdSense

Flexible revenue sharing for different AdSense product varies which Google doesn’t want to disclose too. While 68% revenue share with the publisher for displaying Ads and 51% for search revenue recognized by Google is consistent and irrespective of your geographical location.

AdSense Is Very Competitive

It is every advertiser’s dream to share the working relationship with Google for displaying their Google AdSense Ads on publisher’s website and blog.

Content Is The King

Google is very strict when it comes to deciding appropriate contents on your website or blog. So you are lucky enough if you have appropriate content so why not Google will be attracted towards if you have posted unique contents including SEO friendly. So Google would love to display Ads on your website/blog as the content is always the king indeed.

AdSense Ads Display Closely #Keyword Related

Google AdSense will display contextual Ads based on contents from the different background. Likewise, if you are publishing about health care niche contents then Google can display Ads nearly related to all health vaccination Ads like polio Ads, Sanitation related make Clean India And Green India and so on.

Pay Per Click Programme

You will be paid when a person visiting your website will click on displayed Ads on your website/blog. It is based on an impression of page views and posts alongside Ads. Whereas pay per click based on the number of people clicked on Ads.

Family Friendly Contents Accepted By Google AdSense

Google will only accept appropriate contents for every right audience otherwise mature and inappropriate contents will never be accepted which is against the strict Google policies.

Make sure to go through official Google AdSense Guide to know more about it:

Google AdSense Eligibility Criteria

If you have a custom domain then you can refer to WordAds. Otherwise, Free WordPress is not eligible to apply for Google AdSense.

If you have Self Hosted WordPress then you are eligible for meeting the google policy standard.
If you are Blogger and if blog complies with Google Policy then you are most likely eligible to apply for Google AdSense.

Flexible AdSense Ads Selection

Google AdSense is very flexible and it has given liberty as where to place Ads and what kind of Ads to place. While Ads are of different types that include, Text Ads, Display Ads, Mix of both. You are in control since you can block the ads which you don’t like to appear on your blog.

Google AdSense: Easy Approval Process For The Right Candidate

Have you signed up for the AdSense recently? if not then, you are definitely missing the train, unfortunately . Because it pays off abundant in dollars tomorrow if properly worked upon today.

As there is no rocket science in getting approval for the desired candidate who is meeting all the standards of Google stringent policies. Simultaneously to need the best supportive plugin for Google Adsense to work.

Get Started with AdSense approval process in just a few easy steps:

  • get registered with an AdSense account on Provide all the correct essential information about your Website Url, Address, Name and so on.
  • Login to AdSense account.
  • Then You need to create AdSense codes and place the codes in your blog sidebar.
  • Blank Ads will be shown until final approval process doesn’t finish as it may take up to 2 weeks for approval to happen.
  • But make sure since you don’t need to remove the ads.
  • Once the final AdSense approval takes place, you will get a confirmation email.

Thus, you are done with the approval process. Congratulations! as you are done with all process successfully.

So once you start earning and gradually if your earning reaches $10 then AdSense will mail you pin to your address.So log in to your AdSense account and enter the pin you have received from Google AdSense And after reaching your account to $100 earning, Google will send your earning which is just an initial milestone.

This is the way you can make huge chunks of dollars by just placing Google AdSense Ads on your blog in long run.

Why Google Adsense?

Why not as everyone loves Google and have immense trust in top notch worldwide company. They pay lucrative pay scale. It is everyone’s dream to associate with such big giant. They will definitely add quick traffic to your blog. Google is very transparent in terms of payment. Unlike other, it has also the wide range of support forums which can help you increase your revenue from AdSense. No doubt why it is always evident as one of the best choice online Ads earning option from your blog with held high in pride.

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