How to earn money online by doing survey

How to earn money online by doing survey

Eearn money online by doing survey

lot of companies would like to listen your opinion.
And to encourage you to answer their inquiries, they are ready to offer you money. They thus call on specialized sites, whose mission is to put them in touch with people wishing to generate a small income on the internet.

You’ve heard about paid surveys, but are you wondering if this is really a good way to make money? Looking for trusted sites to turn to?

In this article we will see:

– how paid surveys work – and why businesses are willing to pay you to answer simple surveys
– my selection of paid survey sites
– tips you can use to maximize your winnings

I Presentation of paid surveys

Pay me to answer surveys, really?
Most companies are looking for consumer opinion: what do you think of the new washing machine brand Beko? What is missing at the latest Samsung TV?

They will be able to rely on this data to be able to improve their offer – and better meet the expectations of their potential customers.

But they are often faced with a major problem: few people want to give their time to respond to such inquiries.

As a result, they are willing to pay you to try to “bait” you – whether in cash or gift certificates.

It is therefore an excellent opportunity for those who want to monetize their time – and thus get to make ends meet.

How it works ?

Do not panic, everything has been planned to simplify your life.

Because you will not be directly paid by the companies that wish to collect your opinion. You will use the services of sites that act as intermediaries – their role of putting you in touch with these companies.

All you need to do is create an account on one of the many paid survey sites (I give you my list of favorite sites in the rest of the article).

Some information about you will need to be provided. Your income, your age, your socio-professional situation, the composition of your family, …

Why ? Simply because the brands that order surveys want to address certain categories of the population. A mark of gyropods will thus perhaps want to collect only the opinion of people under 40, in order to concentrate on its heart of target. A financial advisory firm will instead seek the views of people with a certain wealth.

Small selection: 5 reliable paid survey sites

Need to begin and win your first dollars with paid reviews? Rest guaranteed: it isn’t extremely muddled. Claim to fame locales appear to have tried endeavors to make enlistment simple and quick.

Green Panthera

Polls paid with GreenPanthera
This is one of paid surveys is international, it is above all one of the top in France.

GreenPanthera offers 4 euros bonus from registration. The site will then ask you questions to better define your profile: training, industry, household composition, annual income, …

Warning: polls are only valid after a few days. You will have to wait a little before receiving the proposed amounts.

Payment can be made by transfer to your Paypal account – once you reach the minimum threshold of $ 30.

GreenPanthera also offers discount codes, giving cashback offers to be reimbursed for some of its purchases.

Finally, the sponsorship allows you to pocket 10% of the earnings of your referrals.


MySurvey is published by LightSpeed, a market research company, which offers its services in 70 different countries.


Swagbucks is paid upto $50 just through surveys.
Payment method is Paypal account – once you reach the minimum threshold of $ 25.

Toluna Surveys

Toluna paid surveys is run by Toluna Group- UK digital marketing company.

Survey: 3-30000 points per survey.
Quick Votes: can earn you many points
Referrals: 500 points per referral
Registration: on signing up 1500 points.
Product Testing: 75 points when you sign up and more if are selected.

Payment method Paypal account – once you reach the minimum threshold of $ 25.
Checks: You can request a $25 check for 75,000 points.


Payment can be made by transfer to your Paypal account – once you reach the minimum threshold.

Survey Downline

How much you earn: You earn can upto $1-$3 for a single survey. The focus group surveys pays you between $1-$20 where you can earn on average $100 per month.
Payment will be paid to your Paypal

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